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Hello. I am very excited and thankful to be learning how to improve my health and in trying to properly understand addressing liver and kidney support, I had the following question: It was mentioned that with a clean and proper diet alone, it may take several times longer to have the liver and kidneys well-supported and address nutrient-deficiencies in the body without the aid of supplements. For someone who is very eager to improve their health condition, for example, infertility, and willing to do whatever is necessary for positive changes to happen as quickly as they can, would the Gerson therapy, with the coffee enemas, yield even quicker results than diet with supplementation to establish liver and kidney support more rapidly? Also, from the GAPS diet lecture on the PPNF’s youtube playlist, it was mentioned that a leaky gut can cause inflammation in different parts of the body, could this be true for PCOS as well? If so, is the GAPS Intro diet recommended first? Any comments you can share on infertility, PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, and how you were able to help other couples conceive and any trends or deficiencies that seemed more common amongst them would be greatly appreciated.

1)      In many individuals, it will not take several times longer, it will actually be impossible.  This is sort of like asking how much longer would it take to build a twenty-story steel framed office building using only a hand tool and no power tools of any kind.  It would not take longer, it is most likely impossible.

2)      From my experience, I would say that the best way to speed up the process of detoxification for those in a rush, would be to add in the Gerson style coffee enemas to the diet and supplements I promote.  This would allow the individual to raise their detoxification speed due to the enemas helping to more rapidly clear out toxic chemical in the body.  The idea that any one person has the be all and end all solution is not logical and is exceedingly unlikely. Vegetable juicing is helpful if the right vegetable are used, but if the coffee enemas are not also used than the detoxification symptoms may harm the person if they are allowed to become too severe.  Adding juicing and coffee enemas into my program, if performed correctly, could definitely be helpful

3)      I cannot image any condition of imperfect health, that would not be harmed by a leaky gut.  This will however, address itself, with anyone’s truly good program.

4)      The GAPS diet has helped many people, not because everything they promote is true for all the individuals who it has helped (this is very important to understand), but rather because enough of the changes were helpful and supportive, that the changes which, for any individuals were completely unnecessary, did not do any harm

5)      What program to do first is rarely the way to address healthy eating.  If one alters their food consumption so that they are eating all supportive foods, and the foods that the body does not like have been eliminated, you have put yourself on the right track.  It is only in the case of a specific pathogenic infection, that I would be willing to say something possibly should be done first.  If someone has a raging (non-technical term) e-coli, or staph, or strep, or giardia, or chlamydia, etc… infection, then they may very well need to have that addressed first.  In most people, your body will decide what it wishes to address first, once you have stopping giving it bad foods and begun to support its needs.

6)      As far as infertility is concerned, I treat patients far too individually to even think of covering “what to do” as a general answer in this Q&A section.  The people who take the bull by the horns so to speak, decide who they believe, and follow that professional’s advice, will be the most likely to retrieve their fertility and have a healthy family.

-David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM


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